MUST READ: Too Much Green Tea Could Do Harm

It was long established that drinking green tea is generally good for our health. It is usually a natural remedy to diseases like cancer, inflammation, and cavities.

Many people also uses it to lose weight. Being a natural drink, no one really thought that this will actually cause harm when taken in surplus amount.

A 16-year-old teenager, who wants to lose weight, apparently drink Chinese green tea she bought online three times everyday. But after consuming it that way for several months, she experienced pain, nausea, and dizziness.

She thought that it was urinary tract infection, but the antibiotics given by the doctor don't work at all.

But when she transfer to the ER in Birmingham, it was in her doctors surprise that she has already acute hepatitis.

The doctors believe that the liver damage was caused by an ingredient in the green tea called camellia sinensis. Other medical researchers responded to their study by questioning the pesticides used in some Chinese agriculture, including teas.

The exact cause won't be clear without broader investigation, but as soon as the girl stopped consuming that particular green tea, then she began recovering from the hepatitis.

Source: Health Hacks
Image: Live Science

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