MUST READ: When You Put an Ice Cube in This Part of Your Head, There are 14 Amazing Things that Will Happen!

Ice cubes are commonly applied to put coldness on our beverages. Cold drinks bring recharging and energizing effect on our body.

But only few know that there are other uses of ice cubes especially to our general health and wellness.

Apparently, ice cubes are also used in Chinese acupuncture where it was rubbed on certain parts of the body to cause healing effects and various health benefits in our body.

This technique is also known as Feng Fu, also known as Wind Mansion, where the ice cube is placed on the Feng Fu point for at least 20 minutes.

This will cause quite freezing because of contraction of muscle. This will help the body to restore it to its original state.

This will result to euphoria as ice cubes will cause discharge of endorphin in the blood.

Here are the amazing health benefits of this technique:

1. You will feel less intense headaches, joint pain, as well as toothaches.

2. It can help in lowering the blood pressure levels as well as arthritis.

3. It can progress your digestion.

4. You can avoid stress, depression, insomnia, as well as aiding in the control of psycho-emotional cases.

5. You can have better and longer sleep.

6. It has the ability to help STD and gastrointestinal infections.

7. There will be no asthma.

8. There will be no more frequent colds.

9. Cellulite will be lessen.

10. There will be an avoidance of degenerative spine changes and better management of neurological disorders.

11. It has the ability to stimulate the blood caused by excessive menstruation and help in the cases of impotence, endocrine glands, and frigidity.

12. Your breathing will be improved and it will enhance your cardiovascular system.

13. It can assist in the cases of malnutrition and obesity.

14. There will be no disorders connected to thyroid gland.

Source: Read and Digest
Image: The Open News

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