MUST TRY: This Fruit Can Remove Body Odor Twice As Much as Deodorants!

Perspiration is not just mere waste our body excretes but actually serves the purpose of removing infections and bacteria before they get inside our body.

However, when we use antiprespirant as deodorant, it blocks your sweat ducts with some aluminum and toxins that may result to bacterial growth that may get into your bloodstream.

Aside from such, commercial deodorants can be extremely harmful to your health and it may lead to Alzheimer’s, cancer and even reproductive damage.

As an alternative, you can try using this fruit that has no side effects loke that but could effectively stop the foul odor.

Just take a freshly-ripened lime and slice it in half. Get one piece of it and rub it in your underarm. Do the same method on the other side. Afterwards, let your armpit dry before you put your shirt on. And that’s it; this will actually keep you good for several hours. Keep the lime slices in a marked container.

As a matter of fact, sweat itself doesn’t have a bad smell. The smell is due to the fungi and bacteria which manage to be not killed by the Dermcidin. The bacteria continue to flourish and multiply in your armpits.

Source: Read and Digest
Image: Improved Aging

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