MUST WATCH: Doctor Warns Not to Boil Water in the Microwave. Here's Why?

When we have a microwave oven in the kitchen, we usually use it to boil water instead of using a kettle on a gas stove. 

We simply put water in a ceramic mug and let it boil inside the oven. This might be a usual habit many households are practicing but there is actually a big danger if we continue doing so. 

A 26-year-old patient was rushed in the hospital after preparing his instant coffee. He used the microwave oven to have boiling water. 

After the time he set expires, he took the cup out of the oven realizing that it wasn't boiling. 

But when he tried to put a spoonful of soluble coffee, the water exploded right into his face. 

The patient acquired 1st to 2nd degree burns on his face which includes partial loss of sight in his left eye. 

His doctor said that this type of accident is very common and a reminder for everyone NOT to boil water in the microwave oven. 

Apparently, the water inside behave that way because its heat increases faster than usual. 

This usually happens when you boil water inside a microwave oven without putting something in the water like a tea bag. 

Another reason might be when the container he uses is new, this blocks the water from freely moving. 

If we are continuing to heat water this way, you should put something in it but if you are just about to boil water alone, use a stove and a kettle. 

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