These Tricks are Amazing - Apply Some Alcohol and Toilet Paper on Your Shoes and See What Will Happen

Most of us don't bother to take care of our feet until we notice smells, wounds, or pain. However, there are also numerous simple remedies to treat them.

You won’t believe that some ingredients from your kitchen can be used for your shoes and feet wounds. We experience pain when we buy new shoes, however, these tricks will help you a lot.

Put on thick socks and place your foot into the shoe. Warm it up with a hair-dryer and start walking. The material out of which your shoes have been made will widen, and you will not have any issues later on.

Apply some alcohol and toilet paper into your shoes, and the following morning remove the paper. Your shoes will fit perfectly.

Place a potato into your shoes and let it stay overnight. The following morning they will not spread the foul smell.

Source: Healthy Tips World

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