Thinking of Getting a Foot Massage This Week? You Might Want to Read This First!

Foot massage is really nothing new. It has been around since ancient China and Egypt, meaning it has been used for more than 5,000 years. Reflexology, in which pressure is applied on hands or feet, is also nothing new as it got invented in the '80s.

Who doesn't want a good foot rub? Our feet, one of the most hardworking parts of our body, need some pampering. And one of the best ways to pamper our feet, even if it's just for a few minutes, is via a foot massage. And the best thing is when you pamper your feet thru foot massage, you also pamper your health!

Health Benefits You Get From Foot Massage

#1: Improve Blood Circulation

Most people these days live a sedentary lifestyle, which means they don’t use the muscles on their feet as much as needed. Additionally, many don’t know how to choose the right footwear, resulting to hampered circulation in the feet. A 10-minute foot massage every day can help with circulation problems and effectively transport oxygen to the cells in the body.

#2: Sleep Better

Before going to bed, a foot massage can help improve sleep as it improves blood circulation, while relaxing the nerves.

#3: Relieve Pains

Foot massage and reflexology techniques can help get rid of aches and pains, including migraines, backaches, and neck pain. Some points in the body have to be targeted to achieve a specific purpose. For instance, if you want to relieve yourself from neck pain, you can massage your toes and the joints that connect your toes. Do this for five minutes and you will notice that the pain is slowly decreasing in intensity.

#4: Enhance Immunity

Since foot massages can help you relax, this can aid in preventing the harmful effects of stress. Regular foot massages can strengthen your immune system, especially when dealing with diseases that are caused by stress.

#5: Fight Depression

Surprisingly, foot massage can also improve your mood and boost your happy chemicals in the brain. A 2010 study from the Journal of Clinical Nursing claims that hand and foot massages, particularly after a death of a loved one or heartbreak, can help a person deal with the loss better than those who don’t receive such treatment.

You only need 10-15 minutes every day to massage your feet. It is recommended that you use sesame oil, which should be heated slightly. Apply the oil to your hands then rub it in circular motions on your feet. Make sure you massage your entire feet, including your toes and soles.

Source: Steth News

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