This Amazing Garlic Recipe Will Remove Your Wrinkles in 7 Days!

Cosmetic products and regular facial spas can cost a lot and most of us cannot afford such luxury. Yet, we still aim to look our best, especially when wrinkles starts to appear on our face. But you should know that you can also achieve this goal when you have the best ingredients in your kitchen.

Garlic is an ingredient which is well-known for its powerful antioxidant and antibiotic properties. Moreover, it is powerful enough to remove wrinkles. Follow this recipe to have a skin without wrinkles.

  • 1 mashed garlic clove
  • 1 tsp of honey
  • 1 tbsp. of clay powder

How to prepare it:

Mix the ingredients well to get a creamy consistency and apply it on your face before you thoroughly clean it. Wait 20-30 minutes and then use lukewarm water to rinse it off. You can also let it stay overnight and wash the face in the morning, but make sure to use an old pillowcase.

Source: Healthy Tips World

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