[VIDEO] She Dusts Loose Powder on Her Lips. Moments Later, I was Amazed!

After you finish applying all of that foundation, concealer, eyeliner, and eye shadows it’s time to finish off your look with a nice red lipstick. Every woman deserves to put on her best lipstick if the occasion calls for it. Unfortunately, some lipsticks become messy and starts staining teeth without us noticing it overtime. If you want to stain-proof your lipstick then this is the hack that you will need.

Pallavi Symons is a Glamrs Makeup Expert. In this video, she will teach viewers one simple trick in order to prevent your lipstick from staining and to make it last longer. She starts off by doing the kiss test. After applying a fresh coat of bright red lipstick, she kisses a tissue paper to reveal a nice big red stain.

Now it’s time to stain-proof it. All you need is a tissue and some dusting powder. Start off by separating the tissue so that you only have one ply. Next, place the tissue over your mouth.

 Use a big fluffy brush and dip it into your powder. Now you can start dusting the powder over the one ply tissue that is over your lips. This will help set the color.

Take off the tissue and that’s basically it! Test it out by doing the kiss test again. This time, you shouldn’t have any lipstick on the tissue.

If you do, just apply a bit more powder to set it. This is a cheap alternative if you have lots of glossy lipsticks but you want a matte finish.

Source: Healthy Tips World

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