Women: Avoid These Things While You Have Your Period

Every month, women experience a roller coaster ride of emotions whenever they struggle from period due to hormonal issues. The stomach cramps can contribute the major reason why most women are grumpy and are struggling to get out of bed during their "red days." This may result to being over-reactive and can make things worse.

To avoid getting into such issues, there are couple of thing that you can change when your period starts.

  1. Cooking is the first thing each women need to know about as it can be a bit messy. There is a risk that you can hurt yourself or even hurt somebody else because of the emotional attacks. You never know what may happen if you hold a knife in your hands. It would be better to stay away from the kitchen and let someone cook for you instead.
  2. Phone is what you also have to stay away from because you may end up calling your ex or some ex friend to finish a fight. You may end up making the worst mistake for which you will regret due to the mood swings. Keep your hands away from your phone.
  3. Exercising is prohibited as this may contribute to great stomach pain. Stomach bloating is due to the period, not because you gained some weight.
  4. Romantic comedies is another thing you need to avoid especially if you are single since it may lead to greater emotional problems.
  5. Chocolate should also be skipped as stuffing yourself with it will not help the pain vanish. It may only make you feel worse and angry because you have allowed this to happen to your body.
  6. Do not get out of bed if you feel cranky because nobody will like to deal with you in such a mood, thus spend the day in your bed and do not pass negative energy of your emotional crisis to other people.
  7. Do not start arguments as they may lead to a fight, hurting people, and saying things you would regret later. Calm down and count to ten, let the arguments for some other time.
  8. Don’t take a shower, but a bath instead. Play some music, pour a glass of wine and relax your mind and body.
  9. Housework is not the best option, you can clean later. Simply relax with some book or movie and handle everything else after couple of days.
  10. The consumption of junk food will make you feel worse as it will pile up some fat and lower your energy. This will make you feel more frustrated. Your sugar levels can be boosted to medium with a candy bar or a mug of hot chocolate, thus you will feel satisfied about the good choice you made.
  11. Running will contribute your periods last longer and be more painful, increasing the quantity as well. Rest as much as you can.
  12. Lie down throughout the day instead of sitting.
  13. Over-thinking will give you additional pain, a headache, and will leave you feeble. Just lie down and relax.
With this we do not mean avoiding everything that you normally do during the critical part of the month. This is actually a guide of what things contribute to greater pain and anger.

Source: Healthy Tips World

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