Your Eyes Might be Sending Warnings Regarding Your Health Status!

Our eyes are not just the window to our souls but also a reflection of our health. It can actually tell us more about our health status.

It is also a useful indicator to various health condition that could eventually help us before it worsens.

There are the common visual symptoms that you must not take for granted:

1. Blurry Vision

If your vision is unclear and clouded, even with attempted treatment, it may be a symptom of more serious health issues. Increased pressure in the eyes and inflammation typically cause this symptom. If sight is lost completely in one eye it’s a clear indicator of a serious problem such as stroke, a sudden macular degeneration or a type of glaucoma.

2. Yellow Eyes

The liver uses a substance called bilirubin to filter proteins and oxygen in the body. If an excess of bilirubin happens due to liver disease it can affect the color of the conjunctiva in your eye. An unusual yellow appearance could be a sign of cirrhosis or hepatitis.  For more information – read my previous post about early signs of liver damage and how to strengthen your liver.

3. Differed Eye Color

Heterochromia iridis is the condition that creates different colored eyes on the same person and is commonly passed on genetically. It can also suggest the possibility of inflammation, glaucoma, and neurofibromatosis which is s a genetic disorder that disturbs cell growth in the nervous system.

4. Hanging Eyelids

This symptom, also called ptosis, includes the irregular drooping of eyelids. It is a typical sign of old age but in some instances it might foreshadow myasthenia gravis, a disease that affects the immune system. It may also indicate a brain tumor.

5. Bloodied Eye

When the blood vessels inside of the eyes translucent layer (conjunctiva) burst, you’ll notice a small amount of blood clouding the eye. It can happen when the eye is struck by an object but in many instances the source is difficult to pinpoint. Some medical professionals believe it to be a sign of platelet disorder or sever high blood pressure.

If you suffer from bloodshot eyes and you are sure that this is not a result of a health issue then you can uses natural remedies to treat this condition. Use goldenseal as a compress on the eyes. It contains berberine, which is known to help constrict the blood vessels, helping to get rid of bloodshot eyes. You can find a lot more information about herbal remedies in my e-book: The Herbal Remedies Guide which will help you to discover how to use herbal medicine effectively to heal away disease & illnesses.

6. Irregular Pupils

The pupils are generally identical in appearance and reaction to light. When the size of them is different or if they react in a different way to light it could indicate multiple sclerosis, stroke, a tumor, and syphilis.

7. Cloudy eyes

Can indicate cataract, which is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision and is most common in older people.

8. Protruding Eyes

This symptom is also a common genetic inheritance but may also signal thyroid issues. Thyroid disease causes a hormone imbalance that sequentially swells tissue near the eye, giving it a protruding appearance. For more information – read my other post about the top 13 signs you may have a thyroid disorder.

9. Gray ring around the cornea

This gray ring around the edge of the cornea can indicate high cholesterol and triglycerides levels in the blood and increased risk for heart attack and stroke.

10. Sporadic Light Flashes

If you see unpredictable flashes of light during the day it could mean the retina is separating. This symptom is a result of conditions like glaucoma and nearsightedness.

Source: Healthy and Natural World
Image: Optometrist

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