6 Types of Obesity and How to Lose Weight Based on Your Obesity Type

No obesity is created equal.

It is a common notion that the only way to treat obesity is through exercise and by eating less. However, researchers from University of Sheffield in UK have discovered that there are 6 different classes of obesity and each type should be addressed accordingly to effectively lose weight.

6 Types of Obesity and How to Lose Weight Accordingly

Here are the 6 types of obesity and how to lose weight based on each type:

#1: You’re obese because you eat too much and you eat the wrong kind of food.

We’re constantly exposed to unhealthy foods, particularly those that are laden with salt and sugar. Both of these ingredients are not only good for our health, but also our waistline.

How to Lose Weight: If you’re this type of obese, you need to reduce your food intake and you should begin exercising at least 30 minutes every day.

#2: You're obese because you are inactive.

This type of obesity actually affects those who were once active, but are now living a sedentary life.

How to Lose Weight: The best way to treat this is to simply start moving. Eating at the right time can also help.

#3: Your obesity is caused by “nervousness.”

Believe it or not, stress can cause you to gain weight. Most people who are depressed and anxious consume sweets.

How to Lose Weight: Instead of overeating and keeping yourself upset, it’s time to relieve stress and eat properly.

#4: You’re obese because of gluten.

If you’re sensitive to gluten, you will find it difficult to lose weight as long as you keep consuming foods that have gluten in it, the protein found in many wheat and many grains. Most of those who are affected by this type of obesity are adolescent women, those who have hormonal imbalance, and those who are in their menopausal stages.

How to Lose Weight: Gluten obesity can be combatted by avoiding foods with the protein, along with exercising with weights, not drinking alcohol, and not smoking.

#5: Your obesity comes from your genes.

Unfortunately, you could be born with the tendency to become obese. Risk increases if you become pregnant and you have swollen legs.

How to Lose Weight: Running and using the stairs instead of the elevator can help you stay in shape.

#6: You accumulate fat in your abdomen.

This type is known as atherogenic metabolic obesity. Signs include having trouble breathing and having a big abdomen while the rest of the body is normal.

How to Lose Weight: Reducing alcohol intake can make a huge difference in fighting this obesity.

Almost 80 million adults in the US alone are obese and this health condition can increase the risk of major diseases, such as stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Make sure that you keep your weight in check to stay healthy.

Source / Image: Steth News

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