Cleansing Your Kidneys With Okra Water, Here's How to Do It Right!

The kidney is one of the most important organs in our body as it is responsible for clearing of harmful substances and toxins in the blood. When it gets overloaded, toxin buildup happens, especially if you don't drink enough water or produce enough urine to clear them out.

Certain bad habits, such as smoking and too much drinking of alcohol can damage your kidneys. Eating too much fast food may also hurt your kidneys. It is thus imperative that we cleanse our kidneys every now and then.

A very effective way to cleanse our kidneys is by using okra water. All you need is a few okras, also known as lady fingers, which is usually used as a thickening agent in several soups due to its sticky texture.

Okra is an excellent source of some important vitamins and minerals. It can soothe asthma symptoms, lower cholesterol levels, improve overall immune system and, most importantly,  cleanse the kidney to avoid any kidney damage.

How to Prepare Okra Water

1.       Cut each side of the okra using a knife.
2.       Put the okras in a large mason jar then pour out water on them.
3.       Douse the okras overnight for at least 8 hours or up to 24 hours.
4.       In the morning, squeeze the okra into the water and gather the leftover liquid.
5.       Throw the okras away and consume the water.

Health Benefits of Drinking Okra Water

Since okra is consist of huge amount dietary fiber, important vitamins, essential minerals and potent antioxidants, it has been known to be extremely beneficial for health in a number ways.

ü  Helps in decreasing the cholesterol level
ü  Preventing constipation
ü  Boosting energy levels and preventing the symptoms of depression
ü  Lessening the risk of having cancer especially the colorectal cancer
ü  Treating sore throat, irritable bowel, ulcers and lung inflammation

Source: Daily Health Post

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