How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar + Grapefruit For Fastest Weight Loss (Recipe)

Both grapefruit and apple cider vinegar have become common ingredients in recipes that involve elimination of extra fat. In fact, eating half a grapefruit every day before you eat breakfast is a great way to reduce your waistline.

This fruit is considered a fat burner because it can kickstart your metabolism, while keeping you full for a longer time. It also has 53 calories and two grams of fiber per serving.

Meanwhile, apple cider vinegar is known for its health benefits, including curing certain ailments like indigestion, lethargy, and diarrhea. These days though, it is used for burning fat and reducing appetite. Make sure you use organic vinegar to get all the benefits.

ACV + Grapefruit Drink Recipe - Recipe 1

Here are the ingredients for this drink:

ü  One cup of grapefruit juice
ü  Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

Just add the two ingredients together, stir, and sip.

Why This Juice Works

The very simple drink above is effective in burning fat because it is loaded with vitamin C. This particular vitamin is useful when it comes to weight loss, especially if you also exercise. Studies have shown that people with high levels of vitamin C are more capable of burning more fat than others as they exercise. In fact, they can burn up to 30% more fat than those who have low vitamin C levels.

Apart from vitamin C, the drink also contains acetic acid, which is the acid found in apple cider vinegar. Acetic acid can stimulate the genes in the body that can produce more proteins that target fats.

The juice doesn’t taste sour, but if you find it tart, you can simply add a tablespoon of honey. Don’t worry about the added calories because this amount of honey only gives you 20 calories – still great for your weight loss goals. Make sure you drink the apple cider vinegar and grapefruit combo before every meal for increased efficiency.

ACV + Grapefruit Drink Recipe - Recipe 2

Of course, there are variations for this drink. If you want to try another version, here’s what you need:

ü  One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
ü  One cup of grapefruit juice (fresh)
ü  ½ cup of orange juice
ü  One tablespoon of raw honey

Simply add all the ingredients above in a pitcher and enjoy. You can keep the juice for up to two days. It is also recommended that you drink the juice two times a day before you have your meals. With the addition of orange juice, your intake of vitamin C is even higher and you flush your fats away while alkalizing your body.

Source: Steth News

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