MUST READ: 9 Habits You Need to Adopt to Stop Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Before They Even Start!

Dementia is a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental process caused by brain injury or brain disease. It is often marked by memory disorders, personality changes and impaired reasoning. If left untreated, it may develop into several forms such as vascular dementia, Parkinson's disease and Huntington's disease.

Alzheimer's disease, or simply Alzheimer's, on the other hand, is a progressive mental deterioration that usually occurs in middle or old age, due to degeneration of the brain. Alzheimer's is the most common cause of premature senility.

There's a school of thought that all your life experiences become useless if you suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Just what becomes of your life's worth if all your memories were lost? For this reason alone, we ought to take care of our mental health so we won't develop any related mental conditions.

Awareness is key to most health issues including those that affect our mental health. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the following habits to avoid dementia or Alzheimer's before it happens.

9 Habits You Need to Adopt to Stop Dementia or Alzheimer's From Happening

#1: Stop Smoking
Smoking damages each and every part of your body, which includes the brain. Studies show that people who smoke have 45% higher risk of having Alzheimer’s disease when they are compared to non-smoker or ex-smokers. Therefore, you better avoid smoking and get rid of that habit.

#2: Boost Your Vitamin B Consumption
Vitamin B has the ability to lessen homocysteine or also known as HC levels. This compound damages the vascular system, as well as increasing the risk of stroke, heart disease, and other vascular problems. Boost your Vitamin B consumption in order to avoid any age-related cognitive issues.

#3: Increase Your Vitamin D
There is a powerful connection between Vitamin D deficiency and cognitive issues or dementia. You have to consider using supplements in order to avoid any further damage to your brain. You can also spend more time under the sun and use high-quality supplements, particularly in cold winter months.

#4: Avoid Alcohol or Drink in Moderation
Excessive consumption of alcohol increases your risk of dementia, so you have to control your urge in consuming alcohol.

#5: Be More Active
Kindle the flow of your blood and get your heart pumping. Exercise for at least half an hour on a daily basis in order to prevent chronic issues.

#6: Brain Challenges
Bilinguals contain lower risk of developing dementia dissimilar from individuals who only speak one language. Challenge your brain more often in order to delay the early sign of memory loss.

#7: Protect Your Head From Possible Injury
You have to put in your mind that you should always wear helmet when you are about to ride a bike or walking on ice. Protect your head in order to avoid injuries.

#8: Numbers Matter
You have to keep a track on your weight, blood pressure, as well as cholesterol levels. Pay more attention to your cardiovascular and metabolic health.

#9: Socialize
You have to walk with your best friend most of the time or try to call someone. Isolating yourself is not the best thing that you can actually do. Spend more time with your friends and family because your brain requires good company.

Try to learn something new each day and make your brain busy. Your mental health always matters!

Source: Curious Mind Magazine

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