QUICK! Stop Putting These Foods Inside Your Fridge!

It is but normal to think that we can and we need to put every food inside our refrigerators but this is not true. There are some items that you should never put in your fridge.

Some are for health reasons, while others are simply ruined when they are placed inside the cold atmosphere. Here is the list of things you should never refrigerate:

Honey is a preserved food and does not need the help of your refrigerator to keep it that way. But if you make the mistake of putting it there, it will speed up the process of sugar crystallization, causing it to achieve a dough-like consistency.

Hot Sauce
Some think that stashing hot sauce in the fridge can prevent bacterial growth, but this is not necessary. Additionally, the heat of the peppers lessens when in cold temperature.

Although not really food, but a food ingredient, oils become stodgy with butter-like texture if you put them in the fridge. Avoid putting oils, especially coconut and olive oils in the fridge as they solidify easily.

Whether in bean or ground form, don’t ever place coffee in your fridge. It works like a sponge – quickly absorbing all the odors in your refrigerator.

This easily becomes rubbery soft and moldy when in the fridge. You won’t even notice it’s bad because the outer appearance looks the same.

They turn mushy and moldy in the fridge. You can’t save cut onions by wrapping them up and putting them in the refrigerator. Plus, you can have an onion-smelling fridge if you keep them there.

Tomatoes lose their texture and will taste mushy after storing them in the fridge.

Putting your potatoes in the fridge can cause them to be gritty.

Fresh Herbs
Just like coffee, the herbs will absorb the odor around them. If you really need to refrigerate them, put them in an air-tight container.

Unless it’s a sandwich, don’t ever refrigerate bread because it can become chewy and tough when exposed to cold temperature.

You can store melons once they’re cut, but not before that. This ensures that the antioxidants in the fruit remain intact.

Fruits, like avocados and bananas, don’t ripen easily when you put them in the fridge. Unless you want to delay the process, you should keep avocados away from your refrigerator.

Next time you have any of the food items above, keep them out of your fridge since they are all better left unfrozen.

Source: NZ Herald

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