Tapeworms in Your Body is Bad News to Your Health! Here are the Signs and Remedies You Need to Know!

Also known as cestodes, tapeworms are worms that are flat and segmented and are found in the intestines of animals. These parasites are generally obtained from contaminated water and pastures.

As for humans, eating undercooked meat of these infested animals can lead to tapeworm infections. The news is that there are symptoms that can help you detect if you are infected and these tapeworms can easily be eliminated from the body.

Tapeworm Symptoms

It’s important to recognize the signs and symptoms of tapeworm infection, so that you will know how to protect yourself:

ü  Abdominal pain
ü  Diarrhea
ü  Nausea
ü  Fatigue
ü  Unexplained weight loss
ü  Muscle weakness
ü  Deficiencies in many vitamins and minerals
ü  Trouble sleeping
ü  Stool changes (usually with segments of worm in the stool)
ü  Hunger or sometimes, loss of appetite

If you suspect that you or a loved one has tapeworms, the first thing you should do is to see a doctor. A stool sample is usually required to diagnose a tapeworm infection and to determine the type of worm that is invading the body. There are times when tapeworms aren’t detected through a stool sample; in this case, a blood test may be requested by the doctor.

Preventing Tapeworm Infections

There are also natural ways to prevent and treat tapeworm infection, including:

#1: Cook your food thoroughly, particularly fish and meat.

Undercooked meat and fish as well as eating them raw can cause tapeworm infections. Experts recommend cooking animal products at a temperature that’s at least 135 degrees F. Eggs and cysts usually die at this temperature. You can also keep them frozen for an extended period of time.

#2: As much as possible, don’t eat pork.

If you’re already infected with tapeworms, stay away from pork products for a while.

#3: Don’t serve freshwater fish raw.

Freshwater fish can spread their tapeworms to their eggs, so don’t serve them sushi-style raw. Make sure you cook them well or put them in the freezer after catching them.

#4: Eat a lot of organic vegetables.

Instead of eating pork regularly, go for greens, such as salads, soups, smoothies, and veggie juices. Fresh herbs, garlic, and onions can help get rid of those parasites in your intestines.

Consuming products that are have added sugar as well as all kinds of grains can contribute to inflammation and gut imbalance. Remove these foods from your diet to help strengthen your immune system and help support your gut health to remove the tapeworms.

Source: Steth News

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