Using Banana Leaves For Skin Diseases, Insect Bites, Wounds, Fever and Abdominal Pain, Here's How!

There are a lot of regions in the Philippines where you can find people packing rice meals in banana leaves (called binalot). Often, we also find people engage in budol fights, where a series of different meals are placed on top banana leaves, with rice usually served at the center, also on top of banana leaves, and people normally eat with their bare hands.

It may make eating look more fancy, but the use of banana leaves actually has good health effects to our body.

You probably already know about the benefits of the banana fruit, which is most popular for its richness in potassium.

The banana fruit is not the only part of the plant that has health benefits though. In some places, the fruit peels are also used as a food ingredient, a teeth whitener, and a wart remover among many others. Plus, they are food for cows and also used as fertilizer.

The stem also has other uses, including the fact that it has high fiber content. When made into juice, the stem may be able to control blood sugar levels, making it a healthy drink for people with diabetes.

Medicinal Uses of Banana Leaves

As for banana leaves, they are more than just for the purpose of serving food. They have healing properties, especially for people who are suffering from painful symptoms caused by certain health conditions:

  ü  For Skin Disorders
If you have itchy skin, flaky scalp due to dandruff, or painful sunburn, banana leaves are an excellent treatment. You can make put pieces of banana leaves in your blender and start processing. Once done, you can apply onto the affected area. Another way is to simply soak the leaves in cold water and when the leaves are cold enough, you can apply on the skin. This second option is very useful when you have sunburn.

  ü  For Insect Bites
If you’re feeling any kind of discomfort because of insect bites, such as from bees and spiders, or you simply have rashes, banana leaves can also be used as treatment.

  ü  For Wounds
Banana leaves promote faster wound healing because they contain allantoin, which can kill germs, while stimulating skin cells to grow quickly.

  ü  For Fever
Whenever you are not feeling well due to fever, just get some young leaves of the plant and apply coconut oil. You can put the leaves on the forehead or neck. Make sure that you wash the leaves first before application.

  ü  For Abdominal Pain
Do the same thing as above with young banana leaves. Attach them on the painful area.

Banana fruits are not the only ones you can use to improve your health. Next time you use banana leaves for serving food, don’t throw them away, especially if you’re suffering from aches and pains in your body. Use them as a natural remedy for pain relief and to feel better without taking any medication.

Source: Phyto Journal

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